Safety Goggle Transparent


Safety goggles, also known as protective eyewear, are used to protect the users from damage risk to the eye in a hazardous working environment. These goggles are perfect for construction, painting, swimmers, or healthcare workers. Within medical use, the safety goggles protect the user's eye from hazardous chemicals and materials while performing their duty or any lab activity.

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Comfort Tight Fit

The goggles have an adjustable tight fit which provides flexibility for the users to fit it accordingly while protecting eyes from harm with ease and comfort.

Body & Design Specifications

The lenses are crystal clear, having anti-scratch properties. The goggles are larger in size and can be used over other glasses, keeping the sight very clear. These goggles have a sporty, sleek, and frameless design that makes them protective yet classy.

Dual Protection

The dual protection prevents the splashing of saliva and touching eyes.


The glasses are made up of high-quality Poly-Carbonate, which has a very high impact resistance ensuring durability (high shelf life) and strength with the required protection from hazardous materials.


The goggles are extremely light weighted, making it comfortable to be worn for a more extended period. The lightweight design offers an unblocked and disturbance-free vision around 180 degrees.

Fog and Dust Resistance

The goggles are designed to have Anti-Fog resistance property to keep the lens fog-free in the moist work environment. The anti-dust quality of the safety goggles protects the dust from entering the eyes.

Fits over Glasses

These safety glasses' belts are adjustable, making them feasible to be fitted over the glasses for people who wear one.


The glasses can be used by doctors and health workers to protect their eyes when there is a risk of exposure to splashes while performing different tests.
The goggles can also be conveniently used in different work environments like chemical labs, welding, construction sites, shooting sites, fishing, hunting, etc.
These safety goggles are also suitable for painters to use while painting to protect eyes against the particulates from paint sprays.

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