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Health care workers must always wear a complete set of protective equipment to shield themselves and their patients from disease. One of these pieces of equipment is isolation gowns. Different medical gowns are used for specific situations where essential protective equipment or better protection is needed. All medical-quality isolation gowns must go through a series of tests to meet the standards set by AAMI. What are Isolation Gowns? Medical isolation gowns are personal protective equipment used by health care workers. These gowns can come in different varieties for specific health care settings like for surgeries and operating room use. This protective equipment serves as a barrier for the host against possible infection when they contact infected solid or liquid material,...

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Initially, face masks were mostly worn by medical and laboratory personnel to reduce the risk of coming into contact with pathogens present in droplets and sprays. Since the beginning of the pandemic, in most countries, individuals are required to use face masks as a protection against viral infection and, ultimately, COVID-19. Questions have been raised as to the effectiveness of this measure and the graveness of the consequences associated with not sticking to it. The facts and figures Since the invention of face masks, there have been significant statistics and data collection on their role as a preventive measure against viral infections. These data provide interesting insights which could serve as the basis for a safe inference on the potency...

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COVID-19 can easily be contracted from one person to another through droplets. We must take extra measures to protect ourselves and the people around us from the risk of getting the virus. Following the protocols mandated by the government is a great way to lessen the transmission, along with wearing personal protective equipment. What are PPEs? Personal protective equipment, usually referred to as PPE, are gears that people wear to lessen their exposure to different hazards. This may be chemical, physical, electrical, radiological, or mechanical. The use of these PPEs will help the wearer protect himself from potential injuries and illnesses. All PPEs are carefully designed, manufactured, and produced to ensure the best protection of the wearer. Today, as we...

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