The Power of Antiviral Surface Protection Film for Restaurants and Homes

The Power of Antiviral Surface Protection Film for Restaurants and Homes

Revolutionizing Restaurant and Home Hygiene

Have you ever walked into a fast food or quick grab restaurant and immediately noticed a bad odor coming from the table?

Most of the time, the waitress would use disinfectant spray and a quick wipe of the table with a cloth that has been used all day without being washed.

Even with the use of disinfectant, the cloth can still contain many bacteria and even viruses, which causes the odors.

The Kare Lab Wiping clothes

Cleaning with a dirty cloth can spread bacteria and germs

It causes a restaurant to smell bad and potentially making customers sick. Fortunately, some of our clients have found a solution by using our 60MIC surface protection film for their restaurant tables.

The Kare Lab 60MIC Antiviral surface protection film
- The Kare Lab 60MIC antiviral surface protection film installation at a restaurant in Korea. 

The Kare Lab antiviral film immediately eliminates bacteria every 10 minutes, removing bad odors and protecting the table from external damage, making it last much longer.

It's important to note that while our antiviral surface protection film is effective, we still recommend following standard cleaning routines at the restaurant and cleaning the table after every customer. This ensures that any possible bacteria and germs are eliminated, keeping the restaurant safe and clean for everyone.

Watch one of the installation we did at a restaurant in Korea Seoul!

 The Kare Lab 60MIC antiviral surface protection film Korea restaurant installation  -1270mm x 50m 60MIC Surface Protection Film was used in the video. 

Available sizes include:

  • 1270mm x 50m
  • 400mm x 5m

Our surface protection film isn't just limited to restaurant tables

We've also found it to be incredibly effective for kitchen countertops. Kitchen countertops tend to be the dirtiest near the sink area because people wipe them down with sponges and cleaning cloths that have E. coli and other bacteria.

The sponges and cloths spread the germs all over the countertops, causing bad odors and potential illness.

The Kare Lab 60MIC antiviral surface protection film
- Office pantry installation. 

Our customers who installed our antiviral surface protection film for their whole kitchen area found that odors disappeared.

Customer have even experiment by leaving bad odor-causing wiping cloths and sponges on the antiviral film overnight, and the odors would be gone the next day. This is something that washing machines simply cannot do.

As time went by, customers found it soothing to leave their groceries on the kitchen table with the antiviral surface protection film to sanitize any germs or bacteria that were carried through the bags.

It immediately became the place to sanitize all items before entering the house, providing an added layer of protection for their home.

The Kare Lab Antiviral Home

Overall, our antiviral surface protection film is an excellent solution for both restaurants and homes. It eliminates bacteria and viruses, removes bad odors, and protects surfaces from external damage, providing a clean and safe environment for everyone.

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