The Kare Lab Launches Anti-Viral & Anti-Microbial Screen Protector.

The Kare Lab Launches Anti-Viral & Anti-Microbial Screen Protector.

World-first and only silver and PET-based Anti-Virus (Coronavirus) film certified by ISO 21702, CE and FDA

The Kare Lab, a leading supplier in providing medical-grade protective gears to leading institutes and hospitals globally, has launched a new Anti-Viral & Anti-Microbial Screen Protector for iPhone and iPad devices. The new product launch comes in prime time as more cities are looking to ease social distancing measures. 

Research has revealed that phones are ten times dirtier than most toilet seats and more shockingly deadly germs, bacteria, and even the coronavirus can live on phone surfaces for about four days. While most people resort to using alcohol-wipes to disinfect the surfaces and the devices, The Kare Lab is now announcing a care-free and effortless way to prevent viruses living on people’s phones for days. 

Made in Korea and having been tested in field trials and laboratories independently in France, Japan and Korea for its efficacy and durability, The Kare Lab Anti-Viral & Anti- Microbial Screen Protector has proven to kill 99% of coronavirus within 30 minutes and 99.9% bacteria within 10 minutes and could be used up for a year. The silver and PET-based Anti-Virus (Coronavirus) films is the world’s only and first to be accredited with ISO 21702 certification and by CE and FDA altogether. 



The key features include:


  • Terminates 99% of all viruses: The latest innovative screen protector from The Kare Lab could kill 99% Coronavirus in 30 minutes and 99.9% bacteria within 10 minutes. It is hyper-effective which kills all harmful pollutants and highly-infectious bacteria. It is also proved to be effective against coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and its Omicron variant.
  • Long-lasting and around-the-clock protection: By passing 1,000 times alcohol rubbing test and applying Anti-viral technology, the screen protector self-cleanses and could last for up to one year of daily and continuous use without the need to be cleaned manually.
  • Chemicals-free, children and pet-friendly: Made with optical-grade PET material, the screen protector is chemical-free and recyclable for disposal. It is “Restriction of Hazardous Substances” (RoHS)-compliant and poses no hazardous substances against humans and the environment.
  • Silk-like touch and accessories compatible: The screen protector is anti-scratch, anti-shatter and comes with a paper and soft feel that reduces fingerprints and smudges. When installed on iPhone and iPad devices, the protector is also compatible with Apple pencil and stylus pen.
  • Easy and quick to install: Just like installing the regular screen protector, the Kare Lab’s  Anti-Viral & Anti- Microbial Screen Protector is compatible with most smartphone and tablet devices.


The screen protective film can also be applied and installed to frequently-touched objects such as remote controllers, handbags, or building materials such as artificial marble and wallpaper, without changing their texture and appearance. Currently, some department stores and shopping malls have been deploying the same protective films to protect their customers from viruses in Hong Kong while Vivo Air Links, an air freight services provider, is also wrapping their food containers with the film to protect the food and their staff from the threats of the viruses throughout the whole logistics.


“Our phones are exposed to everything we have touched and are regarded as our ‘third hand’. As the world’s first and only protective film, certified by all three highly-esteemed international organisations, that can effectively kill 99% of Coronavirus (COVID-19, SARS, MERS), H1N1 influenza virus within 30 minutes and bacteria in 10 minutes, we are confident and excited to create this innovative product for everyday’s use to protect everyone in a virus and hassle-free environment where the Omnicron variant is still imposing high risks to health systems.” said Michelle Chiu, Founder of The Kare Lab. 


The Kare Lab Anti-Viral & Anti- Microbial Screen Protector is now available for sale on its online store ( ) for pricing starting from HKD280 (USD35) for iPhones and HKD380 (USD48) for iPads.


The Kare Lab Anti-Viral & Anti- Microbial Screen Protector is compatible with the below devices:


Clear & Anti-reflection

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone XR (6.1 inch)
  • iPhone 12 / 12 PRO
  • iPhone 12 PRO MAX
  • iPhone 13 /13 PRO
  • iPhone 13 PRO MAX
  • iPad Pro12.9 inch (3th/4th)
  • iPad Pro 11 Inch
  • iPad Air 10.9 inch Wifi
  • iPad 10.2 inch


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