Guarding Your Gadgets: Introducing the Antiviral iPhone & iPad Touch Screen Protector

Guarding Your Gadgets: Introducing the Antiviral iPhone & iPad Touch Screen Protector

Antiviral iPhone & iPad Touch Screen Protector

Smart devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. We rely on them for communication, entertainment, and even work purposes. Due to their constant use, our devices are frequently touched, and as a result, they accumulate dirt, dust, and bacteria.

The Kare Lab Antiviral touch screen protector

The question is, how often do we clean our devices' touch screens to keep them free of germs?

It can be challenging to keep track of the number of times we wipe our phones or tablets. That is where our Antiviral iPhone & iPad touch screen protector comes in handy. It provides an excellent solution to keep your device screens clean and free of bacteria.

With our touch screen protector, you no longer need to count how many times you need to clean your smart device. It creates a protective barrier that kills germs and viruses on contact, self-sanitizing your device 24/7.

This innovative technology is the perfect solution for people who want to keep their devices clean and germ-free without the hassle of constantly wiping them down.

The Kare Lab France ISO 21702 antiviral lab report

FONDEREPHAR France ISO21702 human Coronavirus 30 mins lab test, our technology were able to eliminate 99% of human Coronavirus in 30 mins, 99.7% in 1 hour. 


Let's face it, we take our smart devices with us everywhere we go even in to the bathroom.

According to studies, our devices can be up to ten times dirtier than a toilet seat, and they can harbor harmful bacteria such as E. coli. This type of bacteria can cause diarrhea and stomach cramps and can survive for hours on warm surfaces like your phone or tablet.

The heat produced by your device makes it a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.


Our Antiviral iPhone & iPad touch screen protector is not only effective for personal devices but can also be used in shared spaces.

For example, imagine using a touch screen at a public library or airport. These touch screens are frequently touched by many people and can harbor harmful germs and viruses.

By installing our touch screen protector, you can protect yourself and others from these harmful bacteria and viruses.

In conclusion, our Antiviral iPhone & iPad touch screen protector is an innovative solution for keeping your devices clean and free of germs. It not only offers personal protection but also helps in preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses in shared spaces.

Say goodbye to constantly wiping down your device screens and hello to a germ-free lifestyle with our touch screen protector.

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