5 Layers PM 2.5 Carbon Mask Filters For Adult Cloth Mask

The 5-layered protection activated carbon filter is very effective in trapping airborne particulate matter. The perfect protection with the cloth face mask, the active layer of carbon prevents any pollutant that comes in contact with. The particles stick to the adhesive layer of the filter, high efficacy against airborne and particulate matters. 

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The PM2.5 filter is made of a high-quality non-woven fabric certified by international standards. The multi-layer protection of the fabric makes it the best breathable filter paired up with the cloth mask.

5-Layered protection

There are 5-layers of non-woven fabric with high efficacy against airborne and particulate matters. The first and 5th layer is made of spun-bond polyester. It is effective against blocking most large-sized particles. The 2nd and 4th layer is melt-blown non-woven propylene offering maximum efficiency against numerous small-sized particles. Then comes the middle layer that is made of the activated carbon filter. It captures most of the particulate matter smaller than size 2.5 micron by the process of adsorption.

Activated Carbon Filter

The activated carbon filter is very effective in trapping airborne particulate matter. When the person wearing a cloth face mask with a PM2.5 filter comes in contact with any pollutant, the active layer of carbon prevents it. The particles stick to the adhesive layer of the filter. The filter remains effective for around 18-24 hours. If you’re wearing the mask in a more polluted environment, it is recommended to change the mask after one time use.

More Breathable

The PM2.5 filter paired with the adult cloth mask is more breathable than the KN95, N95, or similar respirator. Adult’s lungs wearing an N95 respirator have to struggle more to breathe than the PM2.5 filter.


The size of the adult face mask PM2.5 filter is 12.5 cm X 8 cm.

Most Appropriate For Work Setting

The cloth mask equipped with a PM2.5 filter meets the OSHA requirements for work setting safety. The occupational workers exposed to the polluted environment and aerosol particles can securely wear the cloth masks with PM2.5 filters.

PM2.5 Filter Protection

PM2.5 is another way of saying particulate matter of 2.5-micron size. Although the size of the Coronavirus is 100-120 nm, the PM2.5 filter paired with an adult’s cloth mask is effective for inhalation of small particles. PM2.5 particles include pollen, sulfates, nitrates, pollution, carbon monoxide, and many microbes.

Suggested Application Settings

Suggested Application And Settings:
Healthy individuals can wear the cloth face mask with a replaceable PM2.5 filter for day-to-day use.
Occupational workers can wear the cloth face mask with PM2.5 filter in the work setting exposed to airborne pollutants.
It is effective against many pollutants, pollens, bacterial microbes, and viruses.
The mask can be washed; however, the filter must be replaced after use.

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