Isolator Gown (IS-03 Level 3)


Personal protective equipment cannot be completed without the inclusion of the medical isolator gown. Medical isolator gown is often known as the medical gown, isolator gown, or surgical gowns.

Standards of Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation/ American National Standards Institute(AAMI/ANSI) for 'liquid barrier performance' are met in manufacturing these medical gowns level 3. Level 3 means that these gowns are fit for use in a moderate risk of exposures to liquids, or hazardous particulates. 

The isolator gowns have also been widely used as part of personal protective equipment(PPE) in the current prevalent emergency of COVID-19.

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The isolator medical gown level 3 is manufactured by high-quality Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond(SMS) fabric to ensure durability and strength. SMS fabric is a trilaminate non-woven fabric with an outer and inner layer of spundbond polypropylene and a middle layer of melt-blown polypropylene.

Level 3 Anti-Fluid Protection

The medical isolator gown level 3 has passed the most accepted international standards of liquid barrier performance for level 3. These medical gown level 3 are fit to be used for arterial blood drawing, emergency rooms, burn units and critical care units.

Adjustable Wearing

The gown's unisex design with knitted cuffs and feet with ties on collars and waist are very easy to wear and handle. Furthermore, the medical gown is flexible enough to move around, and the attached hood adds an extra layer of protection to the wearer.

Light Weight And Comfortable

Medical professionals, pathologists, and chemists have to wear medical gowns regularly for protection. To ensure the breathability and comfort to wear, lightweight, high-quality material is used for manufacturing these medical gowns level3.


Double protection is the biggest benefit of these medical gowns level 3. Two-way protection implies that protecting doctors from patients and patients from getting infections and allergies from doctors. Furthermore, the all-over wear provides the wearer protection from a larger amount of fluid penetration in case of blood splashes, viruses, germs and splatters or chemicals.


Doctors and healthcare workers during arterial blood drawing or critical medical unit.”,”1”:”Chemists when working with splashing chemicals.
Medics and pharmacists working in pathology labs.
Healthcare workers in the preparation and viruses, germs, and pandemic as a part of the infection-prevention strategy.

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