Isolator Gown (IS-02 Level 2)


Personal protective equipment cannot be completed without the inclusion of the medical isolator gown. Medical isolator gown is often known as the medical gown, isolator gown, or surgical gowns. 

Isolator Gown Level 2 has been prepared according to the standards of Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation/ American National Standards Institute(AAMI/ANSI) for 'liquid barrier performance.' Level 2 implies that these gowns are fit for use in low risk of liquid exposures. 

The isolator gowns have also been accepted to be part of personal protective equipment(PPE) in the current prevalent emergency of COVID-19.

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High-quality multiple-ply non-woven fabric is used for the manufacturing of the medical isolator gowns level 2.

Level 2 Anti-Fluid Protection

The medical isolator gowns level 2 have passed the most accepted international standards of liquid barrier performance for level 2. These masks anti-fluid protection make them fit to be used in conditions like drawing blood, Intensive Care Unit, suturing, or handling pathogens.

Adjustable Wearing

The medical isolator gowns are easy to wear due to elastic cuffs and feet. The collar and waist tie free the wearer from the hassle to tie gowns on the back. The adjustable stitching of the gown makes them overall comfy wear. The attached hood with these medical isolator gowns adds an additional layer of protection.

Light Weight And Comfortable

Since these medical isolator gowns level 2 are part of the daily routine for medical professionals and healthcare workers. Therefore, a high-quality lightweight and breathable material is used to manufacture these gowns so that the gown can be worn for a longer time.


The medical isolator gown is fully disposable, which means it should be properly disposed of after use.


The medical isolator gowns level 2 provide protection to both patients and doctors against getting contaminated by either individual's germs. Furthermore, the all-over wear provides the wearer protection from a larger amount of fluid penetration in case of blood splashes and splatters or chemicals.


Doctors and healthcare workers when drawing blood, exposed to germs, viruses or intensive care unit.
Chemists when working with splashing chemicals.
Pharmacists while working in a pathology lab.
Healthcare workers in the preparation and prevention of pandemic as a part of the infection-prevention strategy.

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