Oxygen Concentrator 5L & 10L

OC -01

Several medical conditions result in falling blood oxygen levels of patients. Oxygen concentrators are extensively used as a medical device to provide external oxygen to suffering patients. They have been long used in hospitals, clinics, etc. However, the global pandemic had implied the importance of these devices at homes too.

Our oxygen concentrator is an all-in-one electric device for the provision of oxygen to asthma patients, patients suffering from respiratory diseases, as well as COVID-19 patients. The oxygen concentrator is portable, less noisy, and has less footprint impact. With memory function, heat & temperature alarms and volume control are flexible and perfect for patients.

With the oxygen supply of 10L/min, the patient gets clean oxygen at a density of 93%±3%. The light-weight, remote control concentrator with scheduling-power-off function is a must have when you are dealing with pneumonia, asthma or any respiratory disease.

The uses of oxygen concentrators are not limited to the medical industry. It is also a helpful device for elder people having the risk of dementia, for nebulisation purposes, relaxing and skincare routine of women and for plateau travellers to reduce risk of hypoxia at high altitude. The newborns having the trouble of BPD (Bronchopulmonary dysplasia) also get needed oxygen by these concentrators.


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Time power off support, remote control, high temperature alarm alert, oxygen flow setting

Digital Display

Flow/ concentration digital display, touch screen, multi-languages adjustment


oxygen concentration at 10L/ min, oxygen density at 93%+3%, adjustable oxygen flow, Nebulisation and silence function


Power supply 110V-220V

Suggested Settings And Application

Medical, patient at home or elderly home with doctor prescription.

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