Cardinal Health FLEXAL™ Nitrile Medical Gloves


Cardinal Health™ FLEXAL™ Comfort is the next generation of our FLEXAL™ nitrile exam gloves - combining excellent fit and comfort with improved protection from chemotherapy drugs and lab chemicals. And if that is not enough we have also added an FDA approved low dermatitis potential claim which makes this glove one of a kind.

The gloves are available in five different sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. 

Gloves are among the personal protective equipment and are highly recommended for medical purposes and delicate procedures. Wearing gloves is also recommended by WHO and international health organizations as a part of PPE for the COVID-19 health workers.


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FLEXAL™ level protection. Latex-like min elongation2 based on the min. ASTM standard3 which can help to reduce cuff tears during donning

Touch and feel

Fingertip textured. Not made with natural rubber latex. Powder-free

Suggested Settings And Application

Medical, Dental, Surgical, various lab chemicals and chemotherapy drugs Food processing, Manufacturing.

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