Alcohol Wipe Pads


Every cm2 of your body has 1 million bacteria; imagine your surroundings!  Disinfecting surfaces around you is very important for maintaining an environment with a low risk of becoming prey to unwanted bacteria. How to make sure that everything around you is safe as you cannot pull out a soaked cloth from your bag and clean everything wherever you go?

Portable Alcohol Wipes!

Either it is a table surface or your hand, kitchen, or car, you can easily disinfect your surroundings with these portable alcohol wipes that are easy to carry and use.

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75% Alcohol

The alcohol wipes have a high saturation of Isopropyl Alcohol up to 75%. These wipes are soft and comfortable to use.


Since these alcohol wipes are also suitable for skin use, therefore, special attention is paid to ensure soft and high-quality fabric for wipes. The material used in every wipe is spunlace cloth.


The design of the carrying jar is very portable to carry anywhere. Further, every wipe is packaged separately to keep them moist to get the best results.

Kills Up to 99% of germs

75% alcohol wipes are effective against more than 99% of germs.


The alcohol wipes have wide applications from households to industries. Either it is cleaning kitchenware, toys of children, hospitals, most-touched surfaces in schools and offices: doorknobs, portable supplies, mobile phones, or even keyboards.


The alcohol wipes are for external use only.
If you are allergic to alcohol, follow precautions.
Keep out of the range of children.

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