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The face masks were always necessary for surgeons, people allergic to dust, or suffering from respiratory diseases. In the wake of Covid19, it has become a must-have for everyone around the globe. The importance of face masks has increased in recent times.
Face masks are an important personal protective equipment (P.P.E.) to protect the lungs by avoiding invasion of any hazardous particles, germs, or dust. There are different types of face masks having different utility.

The most common masks used by the general public nowadays are surgical masks. Surgical masks are loose-fitting masks that prevent inter-transmission of viruses.

The N95 respirators are advanced face masks dedicatedly made for professional medics and healthcare workers exposed to a higher risk of inhaling allergic particulates, bacterial and viral germs, and airborne particles. There are various types of N95 respirators, including KN95 and N95.

Other face masks include duck-billed face masks and face shields with a face mask.

Why are face masks important?

According to the international occupational health and safety standards, compromising workers' safety can result in serious charges against employers. Besides the healthcare settings, face masks are used in many industries where there is exposure to hazardous chemicals or materials. Some of the industrial uses and importance of face masks in each industry are as follows.

Construction Industry

In the construction industry, let alone cement dust. Cement dust can cause various lung diseases, including asthma, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and tuberculosis. Therefore, every worker on the site must cover the mouth and nose with the prescribed respirators or masks.
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Manufacturing Industry

In the wake of the current global pandemic, wearing masks is a mandatory practice. However, there are many manufacturing industries where wearing masks is otherwise necessary. In the chemical industry, workers are exposed to many chemicals that can cause serious respiratory problems, such as ammonia, chlorine, oxides of sulfur, gasoline vapors, and a lot more.
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Food and Beverages Industry

Other industries where masks are important to include food and beverages to maintain the food's safety and healthiness. According to the standards of OSHA, the kitchens in restaurants have high temperature therefore, wearing masks is important. After the advent of COVID-19, wearing masks are a necessity for workers of every industry. It is important to ensure the safety of workers and clients.
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Health care Industry

Medical workers, pharmaceutical industries, and hospitals are also some places where masks are important to protect the workers as well as patients. There are different kinds of masks for different medical risks.
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Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industry is a highly sensitive industry where compliance and controls are very strict. One mistake can endanger several lives. To ensure the complete compliance, all pharmaceutical companies make it mandatory for the workers to minimize every possible risk. It is important for the safety of workers as well. Therefore, many surgical and medical masks of different filtration efficiencies are used in the pharmaceutical industry.
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