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KN95 masks and N95 masks are often thought to be the same since both are claimed for filtering the 95% of particles of 0.3 macron and greater. In some countries, the KN95 masks are used as an alternative for the N95 masks. But, the difference between the two is that KN95 masks are China standard whereas N95/ FFP2 masks are the United States standard.

In the wake of the COVID 19, the World Health Organization has declared KN95 masks as an alternative for the N95 respirators. The KN95 masks are suitable for the patients, health workers, and doctors working in intensive care units.

The KN95 masks are also effective against non-oil based particles in different work environments like mining and construction.

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Melt Blown Fabric

Melt-blown non-woven fabric is used in the KN95 mask to effectively filter bacterias and fluid droplets.

Nose Clip And Elastic Ear Strips

The adjustable nose clip and elastic ear strips give the mask a mouth-fit grip and extra support. It provides comprehensive protection against germs and viruses.


The KN95 masks have a tight-fitting cup-shape to thoroughly cover the mouth and nose, minimizing the leakages.


The KN95 masks are disposable face masks, which means they are for one-time use.

Multiple Layers

On standard, the KN95 masks is a 5-layered mask with an outer layer of non-woven fabric and an inner layer of soft skin fabric. The mask is fit for filtering airborne contaminated particles due to the protection of double melt-blown fabric layers and one layer of electrostatic cotton.

Fluid Resistant

The KN95 masks have passed the ASTM F1862, an international standard of testing the resistance of face protection masks for doctors to penetration by synthetic blood. This test certifies the KN95 masks are fluid resistant and are effective against airborne contaminated droplets.

Filtration Efficiency

The mask for doctors has 99% bacterial filtration efficiency and up to 95% resistance against the non-oil aerosol particles.

Comfortable To Wear

The mask is lightweight and comfortable to wear hence increasing the wearing time.

Suggested Settings and Applications

The KN95 masks are manufactured to provide protection against solid dust particles and airborne fluid droplets.
These masks are fit to use in industries like manufacturing, mining, construction, pharmaceutical and food & beverage.
The doctors and healthcare workers dealing with patients with different hazardous diseases can safely wear KN95 masks.

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