Medical Syringes

Syringes have wide use in clinical and non-clinical practices. Different kinds of syringes are used for various medical purposes. Either it is for blood extraction, infusion of fluids in the bloodstream, vaccinations, or laboratory use, syringes are widely used.
Serious health hazards have been raised due to the use of already used syringes. HIV and Hepatitis have been reportedly increased due to the reuse of used syringes. The absence of low dead space in conventional syringes leads to leftover traces of blood or fluid in the syringe. When such syringes are used again, blood flow into the host’s body results in deadly diseases like HIV and Hepatitis.

Auto-disable syringes are the new solution to the problem of infected syringes. These syringes are distinguished by their non-reusability and low dead space. The auto-disable and auto-retractable syringes have proven to be a big revolution in stopping the spread of blood-borne diseases through reuse of syringes.

Why Are Auto-Disable Syringes Important?

The problem of reusing syringes has been a real troublemaker for the world and, more specifically, developing countries. Different designs and types of syringes have been introduced with low dead space and auto disability. WHO and UNICEF have also endorsed the use of auto-disable syringes. These syringes become useless automatically once used. Therefore, the medical and non-medical industries have emphasized mainly the auto-disable syringes with low dead space in their most operations.

Clinical Use

The most common and suggested settings of the auto-disable syringes are clinical practices. Medical professionals frequently use these syringes for blood extraction and oral medication to patients, infusing any fluid into the patient’s blood. Moreover, auto-retractable syringes help reduce the risk of needle exposure between healthcare workers and patients.

Laboratory Use

The use of auto-disable syringes is not confined to medical cases but in many research laboratories too. The researchers and scientists often use these syringes for fluids or gas handling. Furthermore, syringes are used while transferring any substances when removing moisture and oxygen is necessary. For the medical experimentations in laboratories, these auto-disable syringes are also used.

People Usually Ask

What are auto-disable syringes?

Auto-disable syringes are syringes that come with a mechanism that ensures they cannot be reused again once the barrel has been depressed. An auto-disable syringe becomes automatically blocked once used and is therefore not fit for a second use. The one-time-use feature of these syringes helps to reduce the risk of transmission of blood-borne pathogens between patients making the syringes widely accepted for the administration of vaccines.

What are auto-retractable syringes?

Auto-retractable syringes are a type of syringe that retract from the patient back into the barrel of the syringe once the plunger has been depressed. The essence of retraction is to mitigate the risk of pathogen infection through exposure to a contaminated needle. Automatic retractable syringes are very easy to use as they do not require any extra steps of usage once injection has been dispensed. They also come with a friendly design that enables easy activation with one hand. Because needles have been retracted into the barrel, auto-retractable syringes use less disposal space in comparison to other safety syringes. Additionally, because of the transparent barrel of the syringe, the healthcare worker can easily see and monitor the flow of the liquid in the barrel.

Do hospitals use auto-retractable needles?

Yes. According to the WHO guidelines for the use of safety syringes, hospitals now lead the retractable safety syringe market globally. Much more, automatic retractable syringes are preferred to manual retractable syringes for their ease of use and non-splatter mechanism. Generally, retractable syringes are recommended for hospital use in compliance with the FDA safety guidelines and are beginning to replace many other conventional syringes. Many disposable syringe factories such as The Kare Lab readily make auto-retractable needles available to hospitals that request bulk orders for them.
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