Infrared Thermometer


The medical emergency of COVID-19 has created a strong demand for medical equipment that was not common before. For example, due to the compulsion of social distancing and protection of the people, international organizations have directed institutions like hospitals, offices, markets, schools, and what not to use an infrared thermometer for checking every individual's temperature.

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Contactless Temperature Monitoring

You can take the temperature of any individual in a contactless way by the use of infrared temperature. The accuracy of the temperature is not affected up to a distance of 5 to 15 cm.

Easy To Use

This infrared thermometer is very easy to use. You can take the temperature reading in one second. Hold the thermometer at 5 to 15 cm from any individual's forehead and pull the trigger.


The temperature accuracy of this infrared thermometer is very impressive. It can easily measure the temperature between a range of 32 degrees Celsius to 42.9 degrees Celsius.

32 Memories

Another useful feature of this infrared thermometer is memory recall. It can save up to 32 memories of temperature. This feature is very useful when a proper interval tracking of someone's temperature is intended.

Infra-Red Technology

Non-contact measurement of temperature. When the infrared light falls on the body, it measures the body's temperature by a portion of thermal radiations emitted by the object's body.

Suggested Applications

Hospitals, offices, schools, and markets to measure the temperature of visitors without compromising social distancing.
Construction industry for building control procedures
Food industry to ensure safety and monitoring
Engine and exhaust troubleshooting in vehicles, and for prevention of failure in electrical equipment due to abnormal temperature

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