5 Layers PM 2.5 Carbon Mask Filters For Kids

The 5-layered protection activated carbon filter is very effective in trapping airborne particulate matter. The perfect protection with the cloth face mask, the active layer of carbon prevents any pollutant that comes in contact with. The particles stick to the adhesive layer of the filter, high efficacy against airborne and particulate matters. 

10 pieces/ pack

Compatitable with Kids Cloth Masks

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The PM2.5 filter is made of a high-quality non-woven fabric certified by international standards. The multi-layer protection of the fabric makes it the best breathable filter paired up with the cloth mask.

5-Layered protection

There are 5-layers of non-woven fabric with high efficacy against airborne and particulate matters. The first and 5th layer is made of spun-bond polyester. It is effective against blocking most large-sized particles. The 2nd and 4th layer is melt-blown non-woven propylene offering maximum efficiency against numerous small-sized particles. Then comes the middle layer that is made of the activated carbon filter. It captures most of the particulate matter smaller than size 2.5 micron by the process of adsorption.

Activated Carbon Filter

The carbon-activated layer in the PM2.5 filter for kids mask works as an antibacterial filter. The middle carbon-activated layer traps the bacterial and other aerosol particles by the process called adhesion or absorption. The filter remains effective for 18-20 hours of regular use; it means 1-3 days.

More Breathable

The kid’s cloth mask paired with PM2.5 is more breathable than the N95 or KN95 respirators.


The dimensions of the replaceable PM2.5 filter for kids cloth masks are 10 cm X 7 cm. It gives a very comfortable fit for the kids’ mask.

Less Strain On Heart

The studies conducted to measure the efficacy of the PM2.5 filter indicated less strain on the heart by using PM2.5 filters. The cotton mask paired with the PM2.5 filter had restrictive inhalation of only 71pa as compared to 343pa in N95.

PM 2.5 Filter For Kid’s Cloth Mask

According to the CDC declaration in March 2021, children between the ages of 2-17 are likely to get infected by the Sars-Cov2. But most of the cases reported had evidence of asymptomatic reporting of Covid-19. Now the schools are opened. The children need to follow the social distancing and preventive measures like wearing masks and washing hands regularly. Kids can wear the cloth masks with multi-layers and adding a PM 2.5 filter to make them more secure yet breathable. PM 2.5 filter makes the cloth mask comparable to the N95 mask with only a few percentages less effectivity.

Suggested Application Settings

Suggested Use:
The cloth mask with the replaceable PM2.5 filter can be comfortably used for 1-3 days for regular use or 18-20 hours of continuous use.
The school and college-going kids having no symptoms of Covid-19 can securely pair the PM2.5 filter with the cloth mask for protection.
The cloth masks are washable, but the PM2.5 filters are not washable. They must be replaced every day for health and safety purposes.

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