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Viruses are 50-100 times smaller than bacterias, so it is much more difficult to control. It is important to tell antiviral film from antibacterial film. Antiviral film controls both virus and bacteria, but not the other way around.  

Globally, our brand are one of the very few products that own ISO21702, which is the single globally accredited certification for anti-virus (tested in France and Japan) along with CE and FDA certificate.

Robust effect: Our film kills 99.9% of viruses within 30 minutes and kills bacterias within 10 mins (The fastest performance globally).

Only the PET based film certified by ISO 21702.

It is known that medial companies are normally the most strict in the assessment of "Anti-Viral" and "Antibacterial" performance and "Safety" issues. Many global medical companies such as Bayer and GIMA use our antiviral solutions.

With respect to anti-viral & antibacterial performance, there is no shelf life.

Yes, we've specialised a version for packaging that is more flexible and suitable for food packaging. Custom order are available for other purposes or apply the technology to other material such as medical packaging, etc....

Yes, it is possible and normally applied to silver film that is transparent or has silver color.

1) The key difference is that Touch Screen protection films requires protection functions for touchscreens as follows:
· Shatter resistance
· Anti-fingerprint
· Scratch-resistance
· (Anti-Glare)

2)  IT grade silicone adhesive must be used for touchscreens as electronic components of displays are delicate. Acrylic adhesive used for surface protection film can damage the delicate electronic components. IT grade silicone adhesive is 4-5 times more expensive than acrylic adhesive.

3) For protection and transparency, IT grade PET film is used for display protection films.

We follow internationally accredited test methods only.

· Anti-Virus ISO21702  ( - single internationally accredited test standards for anti-virus
· Anti-Bacteria: JIS Z 2801

We are capable of supplying various types of customised products. The types include product thickness, printing, accessories, film construction, packaging and so on. 

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