Face shield goggle


The face protection for the facial area that includes eyes, mouth, nose altogether. Eyes are a sensitive part that can get severely affected in the absence of protective equipment. We have got a carefully designed, high-tech visor with reusable goggles. The face shield with goggle is the perfect complement to your face protection gear.


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High-Quality With Anti-Fog Properties

The polycarbonate face shield with goggles gives the shield and goggles anti-fogging properties and maximum visibility. Your ultimate face protection that is comfortable and durable.

Design And Shape

The comfortable design and shape of the shield with goggles comprehensively covers the face. A slightly raised shape of shield at the nasal bridge keeps it at a distance from the face.

A Complete Face Protection Solution

Perfect solution for the face protection covering the face from mid-forehead up to the chin area.

Adjustable Fit

The shield is designed with an adjustable elastic, and it is suitable for all adults. Furthermore, you can wear thin frame glasses with the shield very conveniently.

Lightweight And Comfortable

The lightweight material is used in manufacturing to provide protection with comfort, and it can easily be worn for longer periods.

Reusable Visor

The reusable visor can be cleaned easily by water. However, wiping it with alcohol is a recommended practice for disinfecting.


The face shields with goggles are widely used in different industries.
Chemical industry for protection against chemical splashes or metal particles.
Construction industry for protection against debris and other flying objects.
Doctors and healthcare workers protection against splashes.

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