Face shield


A face shield is one of the personal protective equipment that is used for the protection of the facial area that includes eyes, mouth, nose altogether. The face shields are used to provide protection against germs, protection against debris, sparks and low-velocity impacts caused by thrown objects.

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The face shield is made up of acrylic and PET materials. The material used has excellent transparency and optical clarity and has half the weight of glass.

Shape And Design

The shield covers the large area from the mid-forehead to the chin to ensure full facial protection against any kind of hazardous particulates.


The face shield is lighter in weight and breathable that makes it very much comfortable to be worn for long working hours.

Adjustable Headband

The latex-free strap on the headband makes it easier to be adjusted on any head size and is also convenient to be used by people who are allergic to natural latex.

Full Protection

The elevated design ensures that a distance is kept between the shield and face ensuring full protection from the hazardous particles.


The materials used for making face shields can be cleaned with water or using alcohol wipes thus making it reusable.


The use of face shields has considerably increased in recent times and is used in various industries.
Use face shields to protect themselves from any of the hazardous particles which may arise during the fire extinguishing process.
People working in construction industries use it to get protection from flying objects and debris.
Medical professionals and doctors are using face shields for protection against splashes.
The people working in Chemical Industries use a face shield for protection against hazardous chemical particles.

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