Lightweight Medical Eye Shield


Eye shields are also called safety spectacles, safety goggles, or safety glasses. Eye shields are used when there is even a slight possibility of exposure to chemical, environmental or mechanical hazardous particulates. Eye shields do not only provide protection from chemical splashes or flying particles but also light or radiation when required.

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The safety shields are made up of PP plastic that gives optical plastic shields of the eye flexural strength because of its semi-crystalline nature which makes the eye shield more comfortable to be worn for longer periods by the users.

Body Specifications

The goggles have a sleek design, an adjustable nose piece to resist slippage, and soft ear pads that make it comfortable and safe to use.


The eye shields are fully disposable and can be easily replaced without any hassle.

Lens Specifications

The lenses are crystal clear and coated with an anti-scratch coating to prevent it from getting scratched throughout the working period.


The eye shields are usable and can be cleaned easily without any hassle.

Fog Resistance

The lenses of the eye shields have a Fog resistance property to keep the shields fog-free.

Anti-Slip Nose Design

The eye shields are now providing anti-slip nose designs which help to fix it on the nose and don't let the shield slip throughout the working hours.


The carpenters can use Eyeshields to protect themselves from splinters and sawdust during woodworking.
Plumbers can use Eye Shields, especially when using high-pressure water jets to clean the drainage pipes in order to be protected from flying hazardous particulates.
Eye shields can also be used by people working in chemical industries to protect them from hazardous chemical particulates.
Eye shields are also used to protect the eye and hold the eye dressing in its place after eye surgery.
Medical officers can use Eye Shields to have protection from blood splashes or splatters, body fluids, chemicals, etc.

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