Duckbilled Surgical Mask


Duckbilled surgical face masks are used by doctors and medical professionals. The duckbilled face mask is a single pleated pouch styled surgical face mask to give a complete mouth cover with easy breathing. 

Duckbilled surgical face masks are efficient against different particulates.


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High-quality non-woven fabric Triple-layer protection - The outer layer is non-woven fabric - The middle layer is melt-blown non-woven filter fabric - The bottom layer is skin soft to provide comfort and breathability.


These duckbilled surgical masks are disposable Mask should be disposed of properly after use.


No natural latex rubber is used in the manufacturing of these duckbilled surgical masks. Adjustable nose clip and ear ties The adjustable nose clips give a tight-fitting to minimize the chances of leakages. The ear ties are easy to be fit according to head size.

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency

The sub-micron particular filtration efficiency of these duckbilled masks are above 99.5%.

Particulate Filtration Efficiency

The particulate filtration efficiency of the mask is above 99.5%. These masks can be effective against any particulates when properly fit on the face.

Breathable and comfortable to wear

Breathable and comfortable as well as provide comprehensive protection against germs. Furthermore, the mask's pouch style fitting makes it anti-falling and can be easily worn for longer periods.


The duckbilled surgical masks are most commonly used in glass foundry, agriculture, and construction industry besides medical healthcare settings.
The masks are effective against ceramics and asbestos but does not cover any hazard against the gases, especially ammonium nitrate.

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