Medical Isolator Gown Level 1

Level 01 medical isolator gowns are designed and tailored with elastic cuffs, feet, and adjustable ties at waist and collar, easy to wear. Perfect protection for traveling and hostile environment. 

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Multi-Ply Non-Woven Fabric

The high-quality multi-ply non-woven fabric is used for the manufacturing of these medical isolator gowns Level 01.

Level 1 Anti-Fluid Protection

According to AAMI's standards, the medical isolator gown level 01 has passed the fluid resistance test AATCC42, implying the water impact of less than or equal to 4.5gms. The gown has minimal protection against fluid splashes or splatters like blood. Therefore, these isolator gowns are used under the condition where there is minimal risk of fluid interaction.

Adjustable All-Over Wear

Tying of gowns at the back can be hectic and time taking. These level 01 medical isolator gowns are designed and tailored with elastic cuffs, feet, and adjustable ties at waist and collar.


The isolation gowns are disposable, which means they are for one-time use.

Multiple Layers

The manufacturing material of these gowns is disposable, and these isolator gowns are easy to dispose of after use.

Comfortable And Lightweight

Wearing gowns is part of the daily routine for the medical staff and professionals. Therefore, special attention is given to comfort and lightweight, high-quality breathable material for manufacturing these gowns. Therefore, the isolator gowns are easy to carry and have ventilation to be worn for longer periods.

Complete Protection

These medical isolator gowns are a perfect solution for preventing inter-transmitting any germs, bacterias, or contaminated particles between doctors and patients.


AATCC42 is a liquid barrier performance test performed on the isolator gowns. The medical isolator gown level 01 passes the single test for water impact on the gown's material.

Suggested Settings and Applications

Mostly uses of level 01 isolation gowns are in the medical industry by doctors for minimal risk situations.
The isolator gowns level 01 can also be used for tattoo practice.
These gowns are suitable to be used in work environments where edibles are manufactured like bakeries and beverages for protection against germs.

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