Lab Safety Goggle Glasses


Safety goggles with fixed glasses are one of the Personal Protective Equipment and their basic use is to protect the users from any kind of risk to the eye.  For safety goggles, it is important to confirm the impact resistance standards set by International Safety Organizations for both frames and lenses of the goggles. It also helps protect the eyes from hazardous materials from the surroundings.

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The frame of these safety glasses with adjustable arms is made up of Polycarbonate which is impact-resistant and almost unbreakable adding to its durability and longevity.

Body Specifications

The body is very much light in weight which makes it easier to be carried for a longer period. The lenses of these safety goggles with fixed glasses are crystal clear.

Adjustable Fitting

The safety goggles with adjustable arm are adjustable which makes it flexible and easy to fit on any head size.

Fog Resistant

The anti-fog properties of the safety goggles with fixed glasses make it suitable to be used in a moist environment keeping the vision clear.

Scratch Resistance

The anti-scratch properties of the goggles protect it from any scratch and make it more durable.


The goggles have indirect ventilation which is achieved by adding angled vents facing away from the user’s eyes. This stops the direct contact of particulates to the interior of goggles.


The goggles are washable and you can clean them often to keep the lens clear. This property makes the goggles usable for a long period.


The safety goggles can be used by people working in chemical industries to protect eyes from hazardous chemical particulates.
People working in construction sites can use safety goggles to prevent flying objects from entering the eyes.
Medical officers can use safety goggles to protect their eyes from exposure to viruses, pathogens, and blood splashes while performing different tests.
The safety glasses with adjustable arm are also used for all the outdoor duties like welding and household duties like drilling, etc.

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