How Do Viruses And Bacteria Spread?

How Do Viruses And Bacteria Spread?

Now more than ever, we must do whatever we can to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses - washing our hands, covering our mouths when we cough or sneeze, and using hand sanitizer. But the basics don't stop every little harmful dead in its tracks. And it's impossible to avoid them all.

Bacteria and viruses can even get on things we least expect. Don't worry; there are ways to fight these germs (more on that later)! But to ensure you are keeping yourself and others safe, it's vital to know how bacteria can be spread.


How Do Viruses And Germs Spread?

Viruses and bacteria can spread to a person in various ways, and we will go over a few of the big culprits.



Coughing and Sneezing

The airborne spread of bacteria is incredibly common. For example, did you know that particles and droplets can travel up to 25 feet when you sneeze? They also stay in the air for up to ten minutes, making it easy to inhale them into your respiratory system.

Person to Person

This one speaks for itself. If you come in contact with someone sick and infected with a virus, the chances increase that they can spread viruses to you. From the things they touch to their coughing and sneezing, germs can be spread easily between people, especially with the more time you spend around them.


Airport touch screen




Bacteria living on surfaces is one of the biggest ways they can spread. Think about how many people touch a doorknob at a restaurant or the screens at a self-checkout line at the grocery store. Even setting your phone down on the table can spread germs to it and then close to your mouth when you take a call. Some viruses can even live for a few days on surfaces that aren't regularly disinfected.




Whether it's cooking with raw meat or not properly cleaning the kitchen, bacteria love to settle and grow on food, especially things that have been left on the counter for a long time. When you see food spoil and mold, that's harmful bacteria!


Antiviral, anitmicrobial protection film


Protecting Yourself Against Harmful Viruses And Bacteria

If you're doing all the basics: washing hands, wiping down surfaces, or wearing masks – that's step one.

But you can always add a layer of protection. New antimicrobial and antiviral products are incredibly effective at killing germs and are gaining in popularity. They are safe are give you that extra piece of mind.


What Are Antiviral And Antimicrobial Products?

These products kill bacteria and slow the spread of microorganisms and are the future of cleaning. Why? Because they use silver ions to puncture the cell walls of bacteria. Once inside, these ions get to work by inhibiting the bacteria's cellular respiration and other main functions to kill it.



Antimicrobial Products You Should Try

Antimicrobial and antiviral products undergo rigorous testing and are very safe to use on the human body. And here at The Kare Lab, we are at the forefront of developing some of the latest antiviral and antimicrobial protection devices.

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Surface Antimicrobial Protection

Imagine not worrying about the germs all over those highly used surfaces like doorknobs, elevator buttons, or bathrooms. Our antiviral and antimicrobials surface protection film can be applied to high touchpoints, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria, including COVID-19. Its durable coating even lasts for one year!


Fast food chain touch screen

Touch Screens

We use our phones and laptops every day, and who knows what germs they can pick up! So we developed an antimicrobial touch screen casing that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria to keep your phones and laptops free from harmful germs! Like standard screen protectors, they don't disrupt the abilities of your touch screen or the sharpness of your screen's display.

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Food Storage

Limiting food waste is not only good for your wallet but for our environment as well. Antimicrobial protection has made its way into food packaging. The Kare Labs' antimicrobial packaging protection film greatly reduces the growth of microorganisms and fungi on food during transportation. Our antiviral packaging also increases food shelf life by preventing the spread of airborne bacteria and delaying the natural bacterial growth process. Hence, this helps prevent food loses and free from fallen viruses and bacterial.

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