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Protecting yourself from SARS-COV-2 requires wearing masks and keeping our 6 feet of social distance. The eyes are also exposed to the aerosols and viruses in the air, so one must also practice wearing eye protection for less risk to catch COVID-19. Type of Eye Protections There are different types of eye protection to protect the wearer from specific exposures. These protective eye equipment serve different purposes for work, but all act to reduce exposure to the eye. Safety glasses are considered low-level protection gear against respiratory droplets, mainly due to the gaps between skin and the glasses. This can be aided by adding side shields to the glasses, making them virtually wrapped around the equipment. Goggles, unlike safety glasses,...

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COVID-19 can easily be contracted from one person to another through droplets. We must take extra measures to protect ourselves and the people around us from the risk of getting the virus. Following the protocols mandated by the government is a great way to lessen the transmission, along with wearing personal protective equipment. What are PPEs? Personal protective equipment, usually referred to as PPE, are gears that people wear to lessen their exposure to different hazards. This may be chemical, physical, electrical, radiological, or mechanical. The use of these PPEs will help the wearer protect himself from potential injuries and illnesses. All PPEs are carefully designed, manufactured, and produced to ensure the best protection of the wearer. Today, as we...

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With the introduction of vaccines, it seems there is now a ray of light at the end of the tunnel and we can deal more effectively with Covid-19. This is a sign that we are gradually getting out of this pandemic but there are important things to know about the vaccines and we will explain everything you need to know about the vaccine in this article. What is the current vaccine campaign situation? To bring an end to Covid-19 a large percentage of the world needs to be immune to the virus and the best, and safest way to achieve this is through vaccines to reach the herd immunity. After more than a year of pandemic, several research teams rose...

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