N95 顆粒物呼吸器


根據世界衛生組織和指南制定小組成員的建議,N95 顆粒物呼吸器用於 半重症和重症監護病房醫生 和衛生工作者。

N95 顆粒物呼吸器對採礦、油漆和建築工作環境中的所有非油基顆粒物均有效。最初為採礦業製造的口罩是由 NIOSH 提出的。
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N95 particulate respirators - The Kare Lab



The N95 respirator is a tight-fitting cup-shaped masked that minimize the risk of leakage and contamination.

Lightweight Construction

The respirator is lightweight that promotes comfortable wearing for longer periods.


Our N95 respirators have no component made of allergy-causing natural rubber latex.

Headbands And Nose Foam

The braided headbands and the nose foam provide extra support and comfort for wearing N95 respirators for long hours.

Disposable Mask

The N95 respirators are disposable masks that mean they are manufactured for one-time use.

Suggested Settings and Applications

N95 顆粒物呼吸器適用於製造業、採礦業、建築業和醫療保健環境。

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