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N95 Harley Commodity Particulate Respirator 經 NIOSH 批准可用作外科口罩。哈雷 N95 口罩是高品質的 NIOSH 口罩。這些 N95 顆粒物呼吸器對非油性氣溶膠顆粒有效。

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N95 Harley Commodity - The Kare Lab


Melt Blown Filter Layers

The N95 has multiple layers and a melt-blown non-woven fabric filter to catch the contaminated particles and droplets. The inner skin soft layer gives protection against germs, viruses, allergies and rashes.


The cup-shaped close-fitting mask covers the nose and mouth precisely. It minimizes the leakages while inhaling and exhaling. Moreover, the head straps and ear straps reduce the chances of the mask collapsing off the face.

Comfortable To Wear

The lightweight material is used in the construction of Harley N95 masks, making it comfortable for doctors and professionals to wear for a longer time.

Nose Foam And Adjustable Clip

Nose foam and adjustable nose clip have two functions. The nose foam adds ease and comfort for the wearer of the mask, and the nose clip helps to adjust the mask with close-fitting and reducing leakages.


The Harley N95 masks are disposable; that means they are for one-time use and must be disposed off properly.

Bacteria Filtration Efficiency

According to ASTM F2100, these NIOSH N95 masks have passed the tests for bacteria filtration efficiency of up to 99%.

Fluid Resistant

The ASTM F1862 approves the mask to be fluid resistant against blood splashes and droplets.

NIOSH approved

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has approved these Harley N95 masks to be efficient against non-oil aerosol particles up to 95%.

Suggested settings And Applications

哈雷 N95 口罩推薦用於採礦、製藥、製造、醫護人員和危險疾病患者。
醫生和醫療保健專業人員使用的 N95 口罩也是推薦用於準備大流行控制。

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