Cranberry Evolve 300 一次性丁腈手套


Evolve 300 丁腈無粉檢查手套是 Cranberry 最新、最柔軟的手套,在不犧牲觸覺靈敏度的情況下結合了舒適性和抗拉強度。 Cranberry 獨有的 EvoSoft™ 配方賦予 Evolve 一種獨特的類似絲綢的特性,既柔軟又結實,帶有紋理的指尖可在所有操作條件下精確抓握。


手套屬於個人防護裝備,強烈推薦用於醫療目的和精細操作。世衛組織和國際衛生組織還建議戴手套作為 COVID-19 衛生工作者個人防護裝備的一部分。


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Cranberry Evolve 300 Disposable Nitrile Gloves - The Kare Lab



EvoSoft™ formulation delivers a silk-like attribute, soft and strong. Fingertip textured in a Royal Blue color.

Silk Thin

Our stretchiest gloves yet, high tensile strength and excellent comfort, while not sacrificing tactile sensitivity.

Exclusive EvoSoft formulation

Provides unprecedented soft and strong comfort during extended wear

Textured Fingertips

Delivers good grip

The thickness of fingers and palm

The fingers and palm thickness is 0.05mm

Suggested Settings And Application


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