3M - 型号 1860


由 3M 开发的 1860 型 N95 口罩TM 是一款外科口罩微粒呼吸器,非常适合在非油性粉尘颗粒丰富的工作环境中使用和空气中的液滴。这些口罩最常见的用途是在医生和医务人员暴露于细菌的医疗环境中。国际标准。

3M N95 口罩是流体阻力。这些 N95 口罩的佩戴者受到保护,以减少他们接触空气中的颗粒物。

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Multiple Layers

Multiple layers with two melt-blown filter layers and advanced electrostatic media. The advanced electrostatic media allows the wearer to breathe easier. The highly charged microfibers in the electrostatic layer are efficient in capturing the airborne particles without compromising the breathing capability. The presence of this electrostatic layer makes these masks highly efficient in environments with smoke and burning metals. The inner layer of the mask is skin soft to protect skin from allergies and rashes.

Filtration Efficiency

Sub-Micron Particulate filtration efficiency of these 3MTM model 1860 is more than 99%.

Fluid Resistant

These 3M N95 masks have high fluid resistance.


The cup-shaped masks have a strong mouth fitting that reduces the chances of leakages and collapsing.

Braided Ear Straps and Adjustable Nose Clip

Braided ear straps give a very strong yet comfortable grip, and the adjustable nose clip adds to the overall fitting of the mask on wearer’s face.

Latex-free Material

In the manufacturing of these masks, no natural rubber latex is used.

Disposable Mask And Comfortable To Wear

The 3M N95 masks model 1860 are disposable masks and comfortable to wear. The light construction material and nose foam make these masks very comfortable to wear for long periods.

Suggested Settings And Application

Suggested settings and applications are mining industries, the manufacturing industry, and intensive healthcare units.
These masks can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry and work environments with dust particles like sweeping, cleaning and bagging. The doctors and medical healthcare workers are required to wear these N95 masks for protection against viruses like Sars-Cov, and Sars-cov 2.