New brand aboard - KORE Manuka Honey

New brand aboard - KORE Manuka Honey

We only brings the best products to our customers and we are excited to introduce New Zealand finest, 100% organic Manuka honey by KORE!

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KORE is a brand that focused on Quality, Equality, and Trust. 100% New Zealand owned and operated. Bees located in northern New Zealand island. We hand pick private locations to harvest our Manuka honey, away from population and roads, to allow Manuka trees to grow in the most pristine locations. Creating the most delicious Manuka honey.


What makes Kore New Zealand Manuka honey special?

Unblended single batches, this means we don’t mix honey sourced from one location with honey sourced from another location just so we can save costs. Different locations produce Manuka honey of differing chemical composition, we only use honey of the highest quality and keep it that way. Triple creamed, takes more time but creates extremely smooth and delicious honey. Incomparable.


Our Master beekeeper Richard is well known and reputed within New Zealand’s beekeeping society, Mentored by another well known local beekeeping legend, Alan Reid, Richard has expanded on his knowledge and skills of beekeeping and grown them to new heights with the help of technology and innovation.

Under Richard’s guidance, our bees are well kept and happy, with an abundance of pollen, this environment invigorates the little bees to harvest high quality honey that our customers have come to love.

With Richard leading the team, Kore New Zealand is producing some of New Zealand’s best quality manuka honey.

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