Antiviral, antimicrobial iPhone Screen Protector Clear & Anti-Glare

The high-quality and health-graded screen protector has passed ISO 21702 tests against killing 99% of viruses in 30mins.

Viruses include influenza H1N1, and human strains of coronavirus(COVID-19).

High efficacy of killing viruses within 30 minutes and bacteria within 10 minutes of physical contact with your device.


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Anti-Viral & Anti Bacterial Technology

Kill 99.9% of Coronavirus in 30 mins and Bacteria in 10 mins

ISO 21702 & CE Certified

Internationally single accredited test report for Anti-Virus

ROHS Certified

Eco-friendly and harmless to the human body

FDA Certified

Registered as Medical Device Establishment in the US Food and Drug Administration.

Durability & Chemical Resistance

1000 times of strong rubbing test with 83% purity alcohol that is far stronger than normal cleaning agent/detergent with no change in antibacterial activity.

Effective Against Viruses and Bacteria up to 1 year

Anti-Fingerprint and Anti-Scratch Film

The high-quality tempered transparent film is used that limits the risk of scratches, smudges, and fingerprints on the phone or tablet.


iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd and 4th Gen)

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